Billy Demon Slayer Series 2
Hayden Fryer


Having settled back into a normal life in the Australian town of Walksville with his mother and best friends Loren & Blake, Billy is once again drawn back to the demonic world of the supernatural.

As Billy’s home becomes entangled in a demonic plot involving the takeover of the Underworld, each of his closest friends and family are in danger of becoming enthralled by the Deep, the essence of the ancient god; Mummu.

Breaking from the darkest depths of the Deep to come back to life and declare war, Billy moves towards a final confrontation with the ancient god and each of his demonic acolytes.

With much more hatred and intensity fueling him; our Hero will bring his “Handy-Saw” style of vengeance towards what is right and wrong.

Be glad he's on our side.

Writer/Artist: Hayden Fryer
year: 2015
page count: 224
age range: 12+
file type & size: PDF(221mb) CBZ(200mb) EPUB(203mb)


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